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Let’s see YOU try to be jolly ALL THE TIME!

(An introduction to the big celestial event of April, and why so many folks are stressed about it, is HERE. Part one, all about Pluto’s role in the Cardinal Grand Cross, is HERE. Part Two, about Uranus, is HERE.)

It’s a commonly-held belief that the Chinese word for “crisis” also means opportunity. The truth is a little more complex than that. The Chinese word for “crisis” is combination of two words, one of which is “danger,” and the other means “critical point.” However, the crisis/opportunity misunderstanding lingers because frankly, it’s a useful perspective… if an unusually optimistic one. And when it comes to “useful optimism” in astrology, we’re talking about Jupiter.

Often a crisis can be a blessing in disguise, and we should all be glad that Jupiter is involved in the Cardinal Grand Cross. Although in part, Jupiter serves to amplify the potentially scary effects of Mars, Uranus and Pluto, Jupiter also brings hope. Jupiter can give you the philosophical strength and wisdom to make the whole mad explosion of life make sense. Getting out of a tight spot takes hard work… but it also requires the belief that the light at the end of the tunnel ISN’T just an oncoming train.

Jupiter is now in the exact degree of the Grand Cross, and will remain within orb of it until the end of May. Let’s see what gifts and blessings it brings to the cacophony, shall we?

Some things to keep in mind before you worry too much about your transits:

This is a listing of how Jupiter will aspect the outer planets in your birth chart only. Your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter) and your angles (Ascendant, Midheaven, and their opposites) may be affected, and some of those transits could well be positive and constructive ones. Don’t go off and panic based on just any one “bad” transit. Likewise, it’s possible that you weren’t born into one of the age groups listed below but are still going to feel the effects of the Cardinal Grand Cross strongly.
The age groups listed below will be getting the strongest effects from this transit, but other age groups will be getting some effects too. Like for example, if you were born between August 1965-February 1966 or April-August 1994, transiting Pluto is sextile your Saturn in Pisces, and now is a good a time for you to “get your act together.” I admit it… I only listed those age groups who will be having the most obvious problems with it.
-When in doubt… consult an astrologer. That’s what we’re here for.

If you were born:

September 1947-December 1949, or March-October 1950, you have Neptune in Libra, and transiting Jupiter is square it: Remember when you were a kid and thought you’d be a movie star or a jet pilot or something when you grew up? Yeah, it probably didn’t work out that way, but all those hopes and dreams of yours are still part of you, and can still be put to good use. Just be realistic about about your skills and your limitations… don’t sell your car to buy a Lear Jet just yet, okay?
July-October 1952, January-May 1953, OR September-November 1981, or May-July 1982, you have Saturn in Libra OR May-September 1967 or February-April 1968 OR March-May 1997 or October 1997-February 1998, you have Saturn in Aries, and transiting Jupiter is square it: There could be a powerful temptation to spend your way out of trouble, literally or figuratively. Try to be realistic about the obstacles you face, and seek practical, achievable solutions. Use your head and helpful circumstances are more likely to fall into place.
July 1951-August 1952 or January-May 1953, you have Uranus in Cancer, and transiting Jupiter is conjunct it: You’re ready to break free of your limitations, and with a little luck, the Universe may provide the opportunities. In a lot of ways you’re really coming into your own now… adversity may be showing you the exit, but optimism can help you find your way into a better situation.

January-March 1960 or June-December 1960 OR February-July 1989 or November 1989-January 1990, you have Saturn in Capricorn, and transiting Jupiter is opposite it: Caution and common sense are on one side of the see-saw, and your sense of how life should be is on the other. And here you are in the middle, neither going up nor down… but just standing there. That sort of thing can only go on for so long. Choose which side of the equation you jump to wisely.
October 1970-November 1971 or March-August 1972, you have Uranus in Libra, and transiting Jupiter is squaring it: Something’s gotta give. The status quo can’t last forever, and you may get caught standing around waiting for your lucky break to bust you out of this situation. The good news is that “lucky breaks” really DO happen, and with a little wisdom, you can put yourself in a place where those lucky breaks can find you more easily.
July-September 1974 or December 1974-May 1975, you have Saturn in Cancer, and transiting Jupiter is conjunct it: You’ve worked hard to earn your collection of toys, literally or otherwise, and here comes that jerk Pluto to go to try and take some of them away. You may wants to go into your shell and sulk over it, but that won’t make things better. It may be time to focus on something other than just “toys.”
October 1975-March 1976 or August 1976-October 1978, you have Pluto in Libra, and transiting Jupiter is squaring it: The time has come for you to be YOU. The Universe has put up too much of a fight for too long… and you may have held yourself back consciously or otherwise. Now’s the time to go get ’em, tiger! And — hey, put that chain saw down! Not EVERYTHING holding you back is your enemy!
March-May 1988 or January 1989-January 1992, you have Neptune in Capricorn, and transiting Jupiter is opposite it: They say that “you create your own reality,” and there’s a lot of truth to that. Of course, getting drunk and getting high might make your reality more fun and more exciting, but it’s nothing to build on, now is it? Even if booze and drugs aren’t an issue… you could still be deluding yourself somehow or other.
January 1991-February 1992 or June-December 1992, you have Uranus in Capricorn, and transiting Jupiter is opposite it: Your connections to others and to the Universe in general may be challenged… who do you want in your life? What are you willing to endure? Can one be both fully oneself and “lost in love” (with a person, a job, an ideal) at the same time? You’ve got Big Dreams… but even a Dream can get tested some time.

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