(DISCLAIMER: I am just as suspicious as you are of anyone my age who has given more than two minutes worth of thought to Justin Bieber — but hear me out.)
beliefnet astrology justin bieberNormally I’m an optimist. I’ve seen enough bad times come and go in my life and in the life of my clients to know that the Worst Case Scenario rarely happens, and even if it does, one can usually adapt. It’s not even optimism, really… it’s more like “playing the odds.”

It is incredibly easy for any of us to project what we want or expect to see onto the life of a public figure, especially one who is famous and yet whom we have nothing personally invested in. This is perhaps how artists sometimes go from star to superstar.  A lot of people were big fans of Madonna or George Clooney or Britney Spears in the early days of their careers, and when they reached that magical tipping point where (even if you had never been exposed to their work) you could be considered “out of it” if you hadn’t heard of them… or if you didn’t even have an opinion about them. Like many of you out there, I’m not a “fan” of Justin Bieber, but I’ve certainly heard of him. And like many of you who like to remain “in the loop” about celebrity gossip — that terrible vice than none should admit to indulging in, yet so many of us do — I’ve heard plenty about Bieber lately.

Astrologically, things like “glamor” and “worship” and “drug abuse” and “delusion” are all ruled by Neptune, and recently Justin Bieber (born March 1 1994, 12:56 AM, London, Ontario, Canada) has partaken of a full measure of Neptune’s potentially deadly magic in the last year.

Let us not overly concern ourselves with the fact that he is a Pisces. Yes, it’s true that Pisces has a reputation for escapism, whether through drugs or alcohol or spirituality or simply tuning the rest of the real world out — that’s not the issue here. Nor do I think we should simply dismiss any bad or potentially self-destructive behavior on Justin’s part simply because he’s not quite twenty years old yet. I know I did plenty of things when I was nineteen, and I was fortunate enough not to be famous enough for the world to notice. You probably did too, and you survived your final teen year just fine.

But: the last time Neptune was exactly on top of Justin’s Saturn, he was loudly booed by fans for beginning a performance nearly two hours late. Since then, the downward slide towards Child Star Gone Wrong Territory has only accelerated. Now there are rumors of pot and drunkenness and of an enthusiasm for Purple Drank, or Sizzurp — a mix of soda and codeine. Having said all that: it appears Justin Bieber is likely to be sliding a little further from his former squeaky-clean image in the next year. Neptune will be conjunct his natal Saturn all year long, which is a transit that could disrupt anyone’s sense of order — Saturn being the planet that rules structure and “being sensible” in general. And in his Solar Return chart — essentially, a forecast of what the year after his birthday will be like — the Sun, Moon, and Neptune are all conjunct. Making things potentially far worse: Mars and Saturn in the Solar Return chart are almost unaspected, which is an indicator of his worst impulses possibly running wild, with little restraint.

I don’t think it’s an astrologer’s job to play Prophet Of Doom, but you heard it here first: the next year of Justin Bieber’s life is going to be more and more of a decline unless he really makes a huge effort to straighten out.

So, yeah, long story short: Justin Bieber, call your astrologer. You need a stern warning. You may be the world’s biggest star, but no one is so big that they can’t be undone by themselves.

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