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Whether we recognize it or not, every Christian has a superpower, a supernaturally chosen, Spirit-infused, divine grace, given to you to change your world. You didn’t ask for it, but if you’re a Christian and the Spirit of God lives inside of you, then you’ve got at least one. Commonly known as ‘spiritual gifts,’ your superpower is a divinely-infused pathway to make a difference with the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead.

It might be leadership, the divine superpower to inspire and move people in a common direction. It might be prophecy, the divine superpower to speak a revelation from God or to speak truth to power. Your superpower might be mercy, the divine ability to communicate the love and compassion of God in a tangible way to those who are hurting.

As Christians, we all have a superpower, but there’s a reason why so many of us fail to recognize that we actually have one. Because our superpower seems so natural to us (because of God’s Spirit living within us), we mistakenly assume that there’s nothing special about it. For instance, leadership is one of my spiritual gifts, making the task of casting vision and leading others as simple and natural as tying my shoe. What seems profound to others is effortless to me, because it’s my superpower. The spiritual gift of mercy, however, is not a superpower of mine, and I am mystified at how effortlessly some Christians are able to empathize and sympathize with others. If there’s something you do almost effortlessly, something that you assume all other Christians do as well, but something that those around you continually remark about, that might be a sign pointing to your superpower. What’s effortless to you is not natural to everyone: it’s a supernatural gift, a superpower, given by the Holy Spirit himself.


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