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There’s no getting around difficult times in our lives. As followers of Jesus, however, we are called to respond differently than the rest of the world. It could be a relationship that is going downhill, a situation you weren’t expecting or a trial that seems to be sapping your last ounce of energy. How do you respond when you’re walking through trials?


1. Do you avoid trials at all costs? Do you make whatever decisions and compromises necessary to avoid difficulty in life?


2. Do you get angry? Do you get mad at God because life isn’t fair and you feel you shouldn’t have to go through trials?


3. Do you assume the worst? Do you assume that somehow God is punishing you for something you did or maybe He’s just absent and He’s abandoned you?


4. Do you give up? Do you sit down, throw your hands up and allow trials to overtake you?


Christ followers are called to be different. Read the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Daniel 3) and see how they courageously faced life-threatening trials.


QUESTION FOR DISCUSSION: What’s a trial that you encountered and how did you face it?


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