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The following is a devotion from my message series 10 Steps to Freedom. I hope these devotionals help you experience lasting freedom in Jesus!

STEP FIVE: day 1

Release your hurt through forgiveness

How do I get past my past? The answer to this question is both haunting to most every person and absolutely critical to your present and future freedom. How do I get past my past? You have to discover the answer to this question or your past will keep you forever enslaved. How often have past memories and hurts washed over you like a tidal wave, engulfing you in a pain and depression that threatens to overwhelm you? Your past is filled with fond memories and laughter, accomplishments and victories. But that’s not where your mind typically dwells. It’s the hurts, the slights, the mistakes, the regrets that can dominate your thoughts.

How do I get past my past? You have to find the answer to this question because if not, your past never stays in the past. It creeps its way into your present and begins to destroy your future. Let’s say there was abuse you walked through as a child, an absolutely horrifying thing that no human should have to endure. That’s a level of pain that can easily scar you, causing a lasting imprint of shame, anger and bitterness. The pain exists in the past but the emotions linger in the present. The resulting low self-esteem, fits of rage and distrust of people spill over into your present relationships, ruining them and destroying your future.

How do I get past my past? Without answering that question you will never be free. This fifth step will most likely be the most difficult one you’ve taken so far, but it will lead to your freedom. How do I get past my past? You have to release your hurt through forgiveness.


1. How easy is it for you to forgive? Do you tend to hold onto hurts or do you let them go easily? How do you think the pain from your past might be affecting your present?

2. If you were honest, what is the biggest hurt or pain from your past that continues to haunt you to this day?


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