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The following is a devotion from my message series 10 Steps to Freedom. I hope these devotionals help you experience lasting freedom in Jesus!

STEP FOUR: day 5

Transform your mind through the power of Scripture

Imagine taking something disgustingly dirty and beginning the process of washing, scrubbing and cleaning it until it sparkles and shines, as good as new. That’s the process God wants to take with your mind. For too long your mind has been a cesspool of negative and destructive thoughts. It has been the playground of the enemy, who has convinced you that you can never be free, that change is impossible, that God wants nothing to do with you. Perhaps your mind has been contaminated by doubt, depression, guilt, shame, anxiety, worry or even suicidal thoughts. That’s the mess, that’s the grime that God wants to clean away from your mind, and Scripture is the soap and water.

Imagine a mind full of peace and joy. Imagine a mind overwhelmed with love and contentment, where you automatically assume the best about other people, where you respond with love instead of hate, forgiveness instead of bitterness, faith instead of doubt and peace instead of worry. Imagine a mind free from the crushing weight of guilt and shame. Imagine a mind where you cherish the truth and reject the lies of the enemy as you would an intruder into your home. Imagine the strength and courage that would well up inside you because of the power that Scripture has poured into your soul through your mind. Imagine how clean and pure your soul will feel because you have been transformed through the renewing of your mind. That is the power of Scripture, the power available to every believer, the power to set you free through the renewing of your mind. The truth will set you free!


1. How has your view of Scripture and its role in your life changed over this past week?

2. Of the vision laid out today of a mind renewed by Scripture, which part of it was most appealing to you? Why?

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