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Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins recently sat down with The Christian Post to discuss comedy and his upcoming tour, which begins in North Carolina August 20. Known for his parodies of popular songs, such as a parody of the song “Hey There Delilah” done through the point of view of the Biblical Samson, the 30-year comedy veteran discussed settling into his craft. “I have a little more rest,” he said of going from 100 shows a year to 40. “I think in the first part of your career as a comedian, you are always trying to grind it out and trying to prove yourself, and now after many years of doing it, I feel more comfortable.”

He also said that the key to comedy is reaching people on an emotional level and saying things that people can relate to. In an era where bad news seems to be the mode of the day, he stated he wanted to be a “little bit of joy.” In particular, he noted how music, which he incorporates throughout his shows, enhances that emotional connection with his audience. “… music has always connected me on a deep emotional level. I always wanted to bring that energy to the show, even in comedy. I love musical comedy.” Music, he said, has something for everyone. “The kids might like the energy of [the music]; the adults might like the lyrics; it has a lot to offer and bring to a different show.”

He also addressed doing comedy when even popular figures like Dave Chappelle are getting “canceled.” Chappelle has been under fire for several years due to what some people perceive as his “transphobic” jokes. The comedian recently had a venue cancel a show of his last minute in Minneapolis. The show, which had sold out in minutes when it was first announced, was moved to another theater but it was a smaller venue. Hawkins acknowledged the difficulties in an age where being offended is a virtue but also stated it wasn’t something he focuses on. “We live in a cancel culture; we live in a culture that is open for trolling, open for doxing and open for a lot of negativity… I figured that what people have to say about what I do is just none of my business. There are people out there that really like what I do, and I try to find those people, and I’m good enough for that… I’m not here to be everybody’s cup of tea.”

More than anything though, Hawkins emphasized the role his Christian faith has in his comedy. He said he felt the joy from comedy is a way of bringing a greater connection to God, of letting people see a testimony that is beyond “perfect packaging” and is “just real.” “I just love God I always have,” he said. “I always thought He was the greatest.”

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