2020 couldn’t get any crazier.

A blue moon will light up the night sky this Halloween. This only happens once every two and a half years, on average, NASA’s National Space Science Data Center reports.

October’s first full moon, also referred to as the harvest moon, appeared on the first day of the month, the blue moon, or the second full moon, can be seen on October 31st. We have not seen another blue moon occurrence in the Americas since March 2018, CNN reports.

Every month has a full moon, but because of how the lunar cycle and the calendar year aren’t entirely synched, we end up with two in the same calendar month every three years or so.

It is called a blue moon because it’ll be the second of two full moons that occurs in a single calendar month.

One interesting fact is that this is the first time a Halloween full moon has shown up for all time zones since 1944, the Farmers’ Almanac references. The last time a Halloween full moon showed was for the Central and Pacific time zones in 2001, CNN reports.

Another interesting fact is that when the phrase “once in a blue moon” was first used, it described something so rare, you wouldn’t believe you’d see it in your lifetime, NASA reports.

So just how will the blue moon appear to us? The dark blue tone of the evening sky will impact the coloring that we see, but Earth’s satellite will likely not appear blue at all. Most blue moons are not blue, and those that are usually aren’t necessarily full.

The photos that we do see of blue moons are usually created using special filters. The blue moons we hear about now are typically blue in name only.

When a moon has a bluish hue, it results from smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere, often seen during a massive volcanic eruption.

The full moon you’ll see on October 31st may not look blue to us, but it will undoubtedly catch your attention and make Halloween seem a little spookier.

Are you looking forward to this weekend’s blue moon?

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