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When Trump was asked what it would mean if Joe Biden was elected as the next president, he issued a warning to America about our religious liberty.

In a recent interview, CBN News Political analyst David Brody discussed several issues with president, including his support of evangelicals, claims he was chosen by God for the presidency, and how a potential Biden presidency would impact the Supreme Court.

In the clip below, Trump says he believes religion will be “almost wiped out” if he is no longer president to nominate judges.

“Well, I can tell you what it means for your religion,” warned Trump. “It means choice. It means that you’re going to put a radical Lefty on the Court and that’s going to be the end of pro-life, it won’t even have a chance. So, that’s what it means. As you know, nobody has been more pro-life as president than I have.”

Trump also said that a potential Biden presidency would have the Democratic Party place more “radical Left judges” throughout the court system and the Supreme Court.

“I think I’ll have close to 300 judges by the time I finish my first term, hopefully, a lot more than that, but it’s a record number, and we have pro-life judges, and you look at the Supreme Court, they’re pro-life, so we’ll see what happens,” Trump said.

Given the recent 6-3 outcome with the LGBT civil rights case, Trump said he fears the worst for the religious liberty of evangelicals.

“If you have a radical Left group of judges, religion I think, will be almost wiped out in America,” the president cautioned. “If you look at it, pro-life will be absolutely wiped out. So, if you have that happening, pro-life is going to be out. It’s going to be gone,” he said.

Are you concerned about the Supreme Court and the judicial system if Trump is not reelected?

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