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An atheist group is gloating on its website over the revenge it has taken on Christ Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio. The church, which owns a billboard leased to Clear Channel Outdoor advertising, discovered that an atheist advertisement had been placed on […]

A 10-year-old Christian girl, Faryal Bhatti, has had to go into hiding with her single mother after she misplaced a dot on her Urdu-language spelling test. Faryal was a fifth grader at Sir Syed Girls High School at the Pakistan […]

U.S. military chaplains asked to perform weddings will not be forced to violate their consciences nor the doctrines of their faith — and may decline to officiate nuptials for homosexual couples. The ruling came in a memo from Clifford Stanley, […]

More than 2 million students nationwide prayed in in front of their schools Wednesday for the annual “See You at the Pole” observance, now in its 21st year. Coordinated by the National Network of Youth Ministries in San Diego, the event is youth-led […]

Long antagonistic to a wide spectrum of religious faiths, the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan passed new regulations that critics are calling a blow to religious freedom. The Kazakh house of parliament approved the bill Thursday. Backers say it will help combat religious extremism. […]

Does a church have the right to hire or fire the preacher without worrying about government interference? If a Catholic priest decides he doesn’t accept the authority of the Pope, can the diocese recall him without worrying about the National Labor Relations […]

Northern Ireland farmer Alan Graham says he’d never heard of pop star Rihanna, but she was dressed too inappropriately to use his barley field, so he made her film crew pack up and leave. He did take time to counsel her to get right […]

New federal guidelines are so narrow that Jesus himself would not qualify for the Department of Health and Human Services “religious employer exemption,” says Cardinal Daniel DiNardo. Neither would the Good Samaritan. The HHS rules has so many rules that “it […]

Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses are “mentally diseased” and should be avoided just like anybody else with an infectious disease, according to an article in The Watchtower, the official magazine ditributed door-to-door by the church’s members. The article has prompted outcries from a number of […]

Saying “God bless you” when a classmate sneezed got an unnamed student a reduced grade at William C. Wood High School in Vacaville, Calif. this week.    Blessing sneezers is particularly annoying to heatlth teacher Steve Cuckovich, who told KTXL […]