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One of my friends caught a glimpse of a photo I had taken of a one-day-old baby bunny and she shuddered and said, “WHAT is THAT?” That’s when it dawned on me that unless one has actually bred rabbits, she can’t know what a baby bunny under five or six weeks looks like. Well, I feel stingy clinging to such secrets :)….so I thought I’d share.

One day old bunny

Same one-day-old bunny singing "On the Good Ship, Lollipop!"

one day old bunny in a nine-year-old's hand ;)

One day old litter with mama. The pictures get better :)...keep scrolling!

Same bunny from Photo #1 but six-days-old

1 1/2 week old baby Holland Lop

1 1/2 week old baby Holland Lop

2 1/2 week old bunnies racing carriages :). The light one is the same one in the above photo.


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