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Here’s another little video clip that made me happy and I hope it makes you happy, too!  The children and parents have no idea what is happening when an improvisational theater team (love that!) turn a carousel in to a …Read More

Today we spent the day at a very cool aquarium gazing at bubble-like jelly fish, a crazily-playful otter, and ferociously-feeding sharks.  My 12-year-old boy–taller than I–wrapped his arms around me in this public place and said, “Thanks, mom. Thanks for …Read More

Do you have a caption for it?

Have you ever looked in to your child’s room and wanted to just….SCREAM!?  Yeah, me, too. 🙂 It doesn’t take much–just a birthday, or a Christmas, or a day at the fair–to make a child’s room look like it is …Read More

Years ago our family packed a 24-foot U-haul truck and moved six states away to a foreign land (South Dakota). Within five months we had returned home to BBQ, Dr. Pepper and messy yards (Oklahoma). But during those five months …Read More

A friend wrote this to me: My children want a pet. They are not old enough to care for one ther own. I do not wish to have the added responsibility of a pet. What would be a good compromise …Read More

My friend told me this story: she was having lunch with her mom and the mother said, “I’m sorry I did wrong by you. I didn’t spend enough time with you when you were little because I was too busy fulfilling my own goals.”  …Read More

Today’s subject is laundry.  When I listen to moms, I hear the same sentiment over and over. Laundry is consuming their lives. They don’t know how to keep up with the laundry.  After seventeen years of marriage and twelve years …Read More

I truly hate the term “HOUSEwife”! Excuse me, but I did *not* marry a house! I married a man.  I refuse to be ball-and-chained to a pile of wood.  And don’t even get me talking about submitting to it! I …Read More

Yes, of course my children should be involved in taking care of the house! We all know that it builds responsibility and work ethic…yadda yadda. But, more importantly, it makes them feel an important part of the family unit. It …Read More