This morning I was trying to think of something insightful to write for you when the phone rang and my friend’s emotional voice blurts out, “Kirsten! Chica died!” Chica was my friend’s much-loved Chihuahua. She had a complicated labor which ended in a C-section but went home from the vet perfectly fine…or so it seemed. She died in the night leaving little orphan Mowgli, a squirmy, growly, determined little guy.

Actually, a few days ago my friend had posted on Facebook that she needed a sitter for Chica for the weekend since she was near her due date. I had *almost* volunteered but then reminded myself that Chica would probably not like our cat-filled home. Besides, I’m not good in emergency situations and birth always has the potential for emergency. My friend, though, picked up on my “I love Chica” vibes and called to make sure I wasn’t interested. It was because of that conversation–“I’m so sorry but I’m already fostering a mama cat and her kittens”–that my friend thought of me as she was mourning the death of Chica and wondering what to do with Mowgli. Anyone who has bottle fed little animals before knows that another solution is better!

So Mowgli the orphaned Chihuahua came to meet Morning Flower, the foster calico cat, and her four kittens. Morning Flower not only let him nurse, but accepted him as her own…as did Mowgli’s new big sister, Pickles (photos below):



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