What flowers have you planted?

A few weeks ago I started a blog discussion about gardening at “Let’s Garden!” (click here to go there). I hope that your garden is now coming up and flourishing? I would love to hear an update!

In my front yard garden my tomato plants are small but right on schedule. Since we had such a dry early spring, my greens/lettuce came up late and were just getting started when it was time to plant the next set of plants. After much contemplation,  I simply planted the green beans in a row right next to them! So now I have green bean plants and greens/lettuce sharing space and I like it! It’s pretty.

green beans beans coming up next to lettuce
See the itty bitty pepper?

The pepper plant has a tiny pepper! And each day the kids and I carefully cut one strawberry up to share. lol.  I had to purchase some egg plant plants because the ones I grew inside this winter were too small and only a few made it once they were transplanted. I’m having trouble with bugs eating my egg plant leaves. I had this trouble last year, too, and I know if I can get them just a tad bigger, they will survive despite bugs. I don’t want to use Seven Dust. I did spray them with a mild bleach solution. Any other suggestions?


In my back yard garden, I planted okra, cucumber, squash and cantaloupe on April 18 and April 24 we had flooding and much of that seed flowed down my hill and in to my pasture! It will be exciting to see where I have surprise cucumbers this year! Anyway, I had to re-plant so we’re getting a late start but I do have 2 inch plants.

So tell me…how does your garden grow?

front yard garden. Left to right: lettuce/greens, green beans, egg plants (back), lettuce (front), tomato plants next to greens/parsley/lettuce. Strawberries in the pots.
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