by Munassar Alam

As one ponders over the state of the world, they come to realize that humanity has made tremendous progress over the last few centuries. Mankind has created megacities, flying machines, calculators the size of just a few atoms, and have set foot on the moon. One could say that humanity will continue to grow exponentially in technology, progressing more and more. However, these excellent technological advances have not come without a price. Looking at today’s society, one also witnesses a moral decline. Promiscuity is accepted and rampant, and true brotherhood or comraderie is seldom found. People have effectively disregarded religion and deemed it as ancient myths. The Qur’an exactly prophesized this 1400 years ago: “When Our signs are recited unto him, he says ‘Fables of the ancients’” (83:14)

The religions of today are not excluded from this either. Religion itself is so perverted that it can be used for the most frightening of purposes. Segregation based on religion was widespread only a few decades ago, and some countries continue to do so even today. Those claiming to be religious barely understand their own religion, and only seldom follow its commandments. Take the case of Islam. Throughout the Middle East, radicalism is spreading like wildfire and claiming the lives of many innocent humans. It is the fanatical religious clerics who are at blame for this. They have claimed to be launching a supposed “Jihad against the infidels” when they barely know what the word Jihad even means. They say “there is no God except God” while they slaughter all those who do not conform to their insane ideology including their own brothers in faith. Such Muslims break a fundamental Islamic teaching:
“And slay not the soul, the slaying of which Allah has forbidden, save for a just cause” (17:34).

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Still fresh on society’s mind are two world wars, where countless innocent lives were lost. Such devastation which the world never saw before was brought up in this day and age. Such chaos is the sign for the messiah called for by all traditions. The world is in dire need of a man gifted with divine light who can illuminate this world and clean it of its moral depravity. Yet, the messiah should have already appeared, as it seems far too late now. In fact, I claim he did appear in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. Championing the message of peace and global stability, his mission was to purify religion and cleanse the world of moral vices as well as end all religious wars. After he passed, a pure Caliphate was established to continue his mission and purify mankind. His ardent followers continue preaching his message to the ends of the Earth, accelerating past any obstacle. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is rapidly expanding to encompass the humble souls of this world who seek only the truth. Find out more at

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