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Mindfulness-A-to-Z-cover18Mindfulness A to Z official release is 9 Days Away!

Here is an excerpt from “M is for Mind”

There is no one steering this mind. We don’t own the mind and the mind is not who we are, even though our identity seems to reside there. The mind is an ever-flowing process, much of which happens outside of our awareness. Somehow consciousness arises out of this ceaseless flow of energy and information. Neither philosopher nor neuroscientist can tell us exactly what consciousness is. The mind is complex, powerful, and mostly hidden from our view. There is no little version of you residing in the mind pulling levers and pushing buttons, like the Wizard of Oz, to make the show go. Our sense of identity emerges out of these mysterious processes. When we don’t try to own this flow, we can be in a state of peace. When we mistakenly have the sense that we stand apart from it, that peace is disturbed. It’s not your mind. It’s the mind. Mindful attention can help you operate this mind to the best of its abilities.

Arnie Kozak, Mindfulness A to Z: 108 Insights for Awakening Now

Available right now from Wisdom Publications and wherever books are sold on September 22nd!

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