Mindfulness Matters

Tara-WoodsyOur closest relationships are often the most challenging places to be mindful. We may be prone to feelings of unworthiness, superiority, and fear as well as a host of other feelings that push us around.

When we can bring equanimity to our relationships we are progressing along the path. When we can sustain an attitude of gentle curiosity whenever things are not going as expected, we are becoming true mindfulness yogis.

I’d like to let you know about a special opportunity with my dharma friend Tara Brach who is one of the more authentic and beloved mindfulness teachers teaching today. She is author of the bestsellers Radical Acceptance and more recently, True Refuge.

She is offering a six-week online course through NICABM that will guide you through how to be mindful when it matters the most. The course is practical and direct teaching of mindfulness skills and can be especially beneficial for clinicians to help their clients and patients with relationship issues. You can do the course at your own pace and also tune into an additional six hours of live contact with Tara via teleconference.

Just click here to take a look now.

Throughout this innovative program, Tara will share with you the wisdom that so many have benefited from. She will be your guide in empowering clients to ease away from self-criticism, transform negativity, and open their hearts to more compassion and love. Continuing education credits are available.

Here’s the link again where you can find out more.

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