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We had a fantastic lineup at Laity Lodge last week. Our musicians were Ashley Cleveland and Kenny Greenberg (for the second retreat in a row). Our speakers were Dr. J.I. Packer and Andy Crouch. I expect most of you have …Read More

This past weekend we at Laity Lodge were pleased to host a group from Chapelwood United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. This large, vibrant church hosts a wide array of ministries, including The Center for Christian Spirituality. The director of …Read More

My last couple of posts focused on Scot McKnight in light of his recent visit to Laity Lodge. Today I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Scot blogged on Laity Lodge. I want to highlight his post, not only because …Read More

Part 1 of series: Sharing Laity Lodge: 2009 Permalink for this post / Permalink for this series This past weekend we were pleased to host Scot McKnight at Laity Lodge. Many of my readers will be familiar with Scot because …Read More

Laity Lodge is, quite intentionally, a lo-tech place. We don’t have cell service in the Frio Canyon where Laity Lodge is located, and we don’t want it. If people need to make phone calls, they can use pay phones! We …Read More

Part 14 of series: Sharing Laity Lodge Permalink for this post / Permalink for this series This past weekend we had our annual Leaders’ Retreat at Laity Lodge. Earl Palmer was our main speaker, teaching four Bible studies on Philippians. …Read More

Some more photos from recent Laity Lodge retreats . . . . Earl Palmer, Senior Pastor of University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, holds forth in the Great Hall. A soft-shelled turtle and some giant catfish in the Frio River at …Read More

Here are a couple of fun photos from recent Laity Lodge retreats. A flower arrangement made by my daughter at our of our art workshops. Yours truly with J.I. Packer and Steven Purcell, the Director of Laity Lodge.  Dr. Packer …Read More

Thanks for all of your helpful, encouraging, and challenging comments on my recent posts on the PCUSA crisis. I have more to add to that series, but need to catch my breath. Right now I’m helping to facilitate a conference …Read More

Here’s a photo of a windmill on the H.E. Butt Foundation property, where Laity Lodge is located.