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In a couple of months, we’ll be decorating our homes for Christmas. In the meanwhile, many Americans choose to decorate their front yards with political signs. Check out these options from my town of Boerne, Texas. Actually, this isn’t a …Read More

I thought it would be fun to share a few more photos from my summer vacation. These were taken by my son, Nathan, who has quite an eye for photography. I’m hiking near Dingleberry Lake in the High Sierra (Sabrina …Read More

My recent vacation in the High Sierra of California produced some amazing pictures. These were taken by my son, Nathan. I thought you might enjoy them. (I’ll get back to my series on Christians in conflict tomorrow.) Lupine with a …Read More

You’ve seen exotic birds. You’ve seen Gators and Manatees. You’ve seen some curiously helpful signs. Now, here are my final Florida photos: Tree of Gold (Tabebuia caraiba) in Full Bloom Palm Trees at Dusk (outside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios) Sunset …Read More

Here’s a recent view out of my window of a Delta airplane. We were somewhere over North Carolina.