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In a couple of months, we’ll be decorating our homes for Christmas. In the meanwhile, many Americans choose to decorate their front yards with political signs. Check out these options from my town of Boerne, Texas. Actually, this isn’t a …Read More

So if you go to a restaurant that prides itself as having “the worst BAR-B-Q in Texas,” you really shouldn’t be too surprised to see unusual signs in the eating area, like the one below. Hmmm. Gives you a lot …Read More

A recent headline is encouraging. Somehow, the buses in Seguin, Texas are able to imbue politeness into seventh grade boys: This store has something for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. You don’t see this sort of thing in California!

As I was driving along in San Antonio recently, I glimpsed a sign that grabbed my attention. Since I wasn’t quite sure I saw it right, I did a big loop to confirm my I had seen (not an easy …Read More

Recently my son and I went on a bike ride not far from our house in Boerne, Texas. It was a cool autumn afternoon. The skies were filled with marshmallow clouds as we road past small ranches in the Hill …Read More

Before I moved to Texas, I never associated this state with wildflowers. But now, after a year living in Texas, wildflowers are right at the top of my list when it comes to what I associate with my new state. …Read More

When I commute to and from work these days, driving about thirty minutes along Interstate 10 just outside of San Antonio, Texas, I keep seeing these giant trucks hauling giant white blades. This morning, for example, I saw four trucks …Read More

Even those who have never made the trek to the English countryside outside of Salisbury will recognize Stonehenge. It is one of the world’s most famous historical sites. Scholars aren’t exactly sure what motivated the people who built Stonehenge. It …Read More

Last week my church enjoyed a retreat at Mo Ranch in the Hill Country of Texas (about 90 minutes from San Antonio; 30 minutes from Laity Lodge). Mo Ranch was not named for Moe of Three Stooges fame, but for …Read More

My son began 10th grade this year at a brand new high school: Boerne Samuel V. Champion High School in, you guessed it, Boerne, Texas. The school was named after a beloved, lifelong resident of Boerne who was also a …Read More