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Today I want to put up some helpful links. First, let me draw your attention to some new material on There’s an interview with Judge Glenda Hatchett of the television program, Judge Hatchett. This is a substantial, moving conversation …Read More

Tod Bolsinger of It Takes a Church has a helpful piece on icons and the Trinity. Check this out, especially if you’re inclined to be skeptical of the role if icons in spiritual life. Sometimes Ben Witherington, New Testament professor …Read More

One of my “must read” websites is Christianity Today’s out of Ur. If you’re unfamiliar with this website, or if you haven’t been keeping up, check out their “Top 10 Posts of 2007.” I agree that their first entry, “Willow …Read More

Eyewitness Testimony in Mark’s Gospel My guest blogger, Dr. James Arlandson, has put up the next post in his excellent series on the Gospels. Here’s everything you wanted to know about Mark and the reliability of this particular Gospel. Thanks, …Read More

I regularly peruse Christianity Today Magazine’s online website and its Liveblog. I recommend that you do the same. Some of today’s posts I found particularly striking. Ted Olsen, writing for the Liveblog, put up “Postcard from San Diego: Fighting ‘Bibliolatry’ …Read More