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Yes, I admit that the USA Today headline caught my eye: “Start Up Indiana Church Uses Sex to Sell Message.” So what’s the story? New Day Church, a new church in Indiana, is using a marketing campaign that features ads …Read More

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal featured an article called “Doing God’s Work – At the Office.” It examined the growing movement among Christians to see their work, yes, even their work in secular business, as an opportunity to serve God.  Their …Read More

The New York Times has run a fascinating story on the impact of Facebook and YouTube on the protests in Egypt: “Movement Began With Outrage and a Facebook Page That Gave It an Outlet.” According to this story, last June, …Read More

In May of 1985, my wife and I traveled to Italy. It was my first time there, her second. When we arrived in Firenze (that’s Florence, to those of use who speak English), I was thrilled to see some of …Read More

So, once again the experts have me confused. For years, I’ve read that if you want to lose weight, you need to eat a substantial breakfast. Skipping breakfast, we were told, makes you hungrier later in the day, so that …Read More

Yesterday, I noted a recently released study of Facebook. S. Craig Watkins and H. Erin Lee of the Department of Radio-Television-Film of the University of Texas at Austin have published “Got Facebook? Investigating What’s Social About Social Media.” (You can …Read More

The hit movie, The Social Network, paints an ironic, sad picture of relationships in the age of Facebook. The creators of the most powerful social media website in the world, one that focuses on having lots of friends, are utterly …Read More

According to the New York Times, lawmakers in several states are trying to limit the use of earbuds by . . . not drivers . . . but pedestrians: “In New York, a bill is pending in the legislature’s transportation …Read More

According to the New York Times, more Americans are eating buffalo meat today than ever before. Why? Mainly because buffalo meat is high in protein and low in fat. And the fat in a buffalo is the good kind. “People …Read More

Christianity Today online is featuring an interview with Billy Graham. This is really quite exceptional, since he doesn’t do many interviews anymore. The first part of the interview has to do with aging. I encourage you to read it, no …Read More