Four years ago, at the South by Southwest music, technology, and film extravaganza in Austin, Texas, Twitter exploded into public prominence. Soon, the Library of Congress was saving all of our tweets. Yes, all of them! Before long, everybody, it seemed was amassing followers and proving their ability to wax eloquent in 140 characters or less. (Well, maybe not that eloquent.)

But, at this year’s SXSW conference, Twitter may have begun to choke itself to death. At least it is beginning to fall from favor. That’s the point of a recent New York Times article by Amy Harmon: “On Twitter, ‘What a Party!’ Brings an Envious ‘Enough, Already!’” It seems that people are getting tired of hearing others brag about their enviable experiences at SXSW and elsewhere. As Harmon reports, “‘It feels like high school,’ tweeted @JillVanWyke, who teaches journalism in Des Moines, as tweets from other journalism professors rolled in from Austin.”

In an age of TMI, which is “too much information” for those of you who don’t have a teenage daughter, it may just be that Twitter has gone over the edge of cool. Are we seeing the beginning of the end of Twitter?

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