Today I want to highlight three articles on The High Calling website. This website, to which I am connected through my work at Laity Lodge, offers a fascinating collection of diverse columns, all of which reflect the themes of work, life, and God.

On Emulsification


Author Laura J. Boggess continues her series on faith and food. Unexpected delights here!

The Minister’s Morgue: A Discussion of Intimacy and Authenticity

Pastor and author, Gordon Atkinson (The Real Live Preacher) offers some reflections on a short story he wrote called “The Minister’s Morgue.” Here you can also find links to the original story. Gordon always amazes me with his creativity and insight.

Walking Around in the Skin of Jesus

Yesterday, I began a five-part series looking at a familiar biblical story from inside the “skin” of the main characters. “Walking Around in the Skin of Jesus” is one of the Daily Reflections that appear online at The High Calling and are also emailed out to 15,000 people each morning. If you’d like to receive these emails, you can sign up here.

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