Three recent articles in the news caught my eye.

New Edition Cleans Up Huckleberry Finn

A new edition of Mark Twain’s classic novel, Huckleberry Finn, is being published. This version cleans up the text, replacing the N-word (used 219 times) with “slave,” and “Indian” for “Injun.” The editor proposes that this edition will be suitable for younger people and general readers. Many scholars and others are taking offense at this new edition. A Times editorial denounced the effort, saying, “We are horrified.”

Starbucks Unveils New Logo


USA Today reports that Starbucks has unveiled a new logo, or, rather, a new version of the familiar logo. There will still be the white mermaid in a green circle. But there will no longer be the words STARBUCKS COFFEE.

The logo change supports Starbucks’ effort to move into non-English-speaking markets and to sell things other than coffee. Apparently, Starbucks is experimenting with more of a restaurant and wine-bar store.

I’m okay with the new log. As long as I can spot a Starbucks from the highway, I’m happy.

Manatees Dying Because of Climate Change . . . Too Cold!

The Times passed along an AP story that claims that more manatees
died this past year in Florida than in any year since the early 70s.
The reason? Unusual cold. Go figure.

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