I have a new collection of Christmas music and I love it. Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning have teamed up once again to produce a stellar album of Christmas music. Their earlier Christmas collections, A Quiet Knowing Christmas and Stars in the Morning East – A Christmas Meditation get plenty of play around my house during December. Now I have a new favorite: Under the Wonder Sky.

This album contains eleven instrumental Christmas pieces. Nine are familiar carols. Two are original compositions. All of the songs combine a variety of instruments in an enticing, inspiring, and quieting Celtic genre. Wendy Goodwin’s violin playing adds the perfect touch.

I love Christmas carols and songs. And there are time when I’m happy to blast a choral version of “O Come All Ye Faithful” or Nat King Cole singing “The Christmas Song.” But sometimes, especially in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I’d rather put on some quiet instrumental music, something the calm my nerves or enrich my devotions. Under the Wonder Sky is this kind of musical collection.

So, do yourself a favor this Christmas and buy Under the Wonder Sky. It’s perfect for Christmas gifts as well. You can order this album from Amazon or iTunes.

(Disclosure: Jeff Johnson is a friend of mine, but I loved his music years before I met him at Laity Lodge. He is not giving me a “cut” from his album sales. I am helping to get out the word about Under the Wonder Sky, not simply as a favor to Jeff, but mostly as a favor to my readers. I would not recommend something I did not heartily endorse. You can learn more about Jeff and his music at the ArkMusic website.) 

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