Okay, okay. I am usually pretty cranky about businesses that put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. But yesterday I saw something that deserves some attention.

I was at a business meeting at the Gaylord Texan Hotel in Grapevine, Texas, near Dallas. This hotel features a GIANT atrium, one that is so large you almost feel as if you’re outside when you’re in it. This is rather pleasant, of course, in the summer when the temps hover around 100 degrees.

Anyway, the hotel decorates elaborately for Christmas. Their decorative zeal reminds me a bit of Disneyland, maybe with a touch of Las Vegas thrown in for good measure. Central to the decorations are lights that hang down from the steel structure of the atrium. Somebody has to put these lights up, and I saw them yesterday.

Here is a photo of the atrium. If you look carefully, you can see four people installing the Christmas lights.


Here’s a closeup of two of the workers.


You’ll notice that these workers are clipped into harnesses. Even so, given my squeamishness about heights, this is one job I wouldn’t want to do. Like I said, now that’s what I call putting up Christmas lights!!

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