Mark D. Roberts

This weekend Laity Lodge is hosting a retreat that is co-sponsored by Seattle Pacific University and the Laity Leadership Institute. National and international leaders in business, the academy, and the church have gathered to think about business from the vantage point of Christian faith.

One of the keynote speakers was Jeff Van Duzer, Dean of the School of Business and Economics and professor of business law and ethics at Seattle Pacific University. Van Duzer spoke on the topic of his newly released book, Why Business Matters to God (And What Still Needs to Be Fixed). His presentation was compelling, just like his book.

I expect that at some point in the future I’m going to post a review of this book. The fact that I think of it so highly was reinforced by a rather curious experience I had just a few minutes ago. I went to the website to see if Why Business Matters to God is available. It is. Scrolling down, I read the “Editorial Review” posted by Amazon for this book. It reads:

It would be hard to imagine a better book on business from a Christian perspective. Why Business Matters to God
is solidly biblical, deeply theological and realistically practical. It
is a must-read not only for all Christians in business, but also for
pastors and other church leaders who are committed to helping the people
of God live each day for God’s purposes in the world.

I agreed wholeheartedly with that review. Then it occurred to me that it sounded strangely familiar. In fact, I wrote that “blurb” for Van Duzer’s book, on the basis of a earlier draft I hard read. Strange. Now that has never happened to me before.

At any rate, I do highly recommend Why Business Matters to God. It is excellent. I’ll have more to say about this later. (Photo: Jeff Van Duzer speaking in the Great Hall of Laity Lodge.)


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