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Today I want to put up some helpful links.
First, let me draw your attention to some new material on There’s an interview with Judge Glenda Hatchett of the television program, Judge Hatchett. This is a substantial, moving conversation with a woman who is serving the Lord in a unique way.
Then there’s a fine piece by Matthew Alexander, “Secular Work vs. Sacred Work: The Greek Distortion of Work.” Alexander, a financial planner, lays out in practical terms some of the misunderstandings of work that are popular among Christians today.
Ramblin’ Dan’s blog links to a fantastic video called Lindsay. It focuses on a young woman who lives out her Christian faith as a teacher in New York City.

Lindsay was produced by Deidox.  I was not familiar with this organization, but I was most impressed by this video, so I checked out their website. The Deidox byline reads: “Short films telling true stories of an active God.” The “About” page explains the name: Dei (Latin for God) + dox (short for documentaries) = Deidox. The organization is led by Brent Gudgel and Dave Mahanes, who now reside in California. They hope that, in time, they’ll be able to support their work by selling the videos for church and other groups. If they keep up the quality and message of Lindsay, I expect they’ll have great success.
Speaking of wonderful videos, check out this Advent clip produced by Christine Sine, with music by my friend, Jeff Johnson.

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