Thanks for all of your helpful, encouraging, and challenging comments on my recent posts on the PCUSA crisis. I have more to add to that series, but need to catch my breath. Right now I’m helping to facilitate a conference at Laity Lodge (my day job!).  We are blessed to have some wonderful resource people for this retreat, including: Dr. J.I. Packer (theologian; Regent College); Dr. Terry Hargrave (professor; Fuller Seminary; counselor); Charles Webb (pianist; retired dean of Indiana Univ. School of Music).

At Charles’s urging, we invited a 19-year-old violinist, Esther Kim. She is an amazing artist and musician, and a sweet human being as well. Esther has won lots of international awards for her artistry, and adds a magical touch to our retreat. For more about Esther, check out her website. And for a real treat, watch this YouTube clip of Esther when she was only 13 years old. Amazing!

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