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I’ve just wrapped up a five-part review of David Miller’s fine book, God at Work. In this strongly positive review, I offered only one substantial criticism: namely, that Miller’s recommendations for the church are oriented too much for clergy. In fact, he offers no specific recommendations for the laity, those who constitute more than 99% of the church. Without giving clergy a free pass for failing to offer greater support for people in their workplace ministry, it seems to me that if lay people wanted their church to help them in this matter, they could do many things to advance their cause.

I plan to offer a possible appendix to God at Work. In this appendix I’ll include some recommendations for lay people who would like the church to support them in their workplace calling. But before I offer my recommendations, I’d like to hear from you, my readers. Either by adding a comment to this blog entry, or by sending me an email, please give me your answers to the question:

What can lay people do to help their churches support them as they seek to live out their faith at work?

I look forward to your input. Stay tuned . . . .

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