Today I want to suggest four excellent apologetic links.
The first is a short piece by Stan Guthrie of Christianity Today called “Answering the Atheists.” The subtitle is “A Reader’s Digest version of why I am a Christian.” Good food for thought here, especially if you’re not “into” apologetics.
The second link is to what might be the finest apologetics website anywhere. It’s Stand to Reason, featuring the works of Greg Koukl and several other fine thinkers. This site includes written pieces, podcasts, and other material on a wide range of topics. Greg and his colleagues are thoughtful, non-reactionary evangelical Christians. Greg Koukl has a radio program called Stand to Reason, which is well worth listening to, either live or by streaming/podcast. (Photo: Greg Koukl on the air)

The third link is to what many people have called this generation’s Mere Christianity. It is the book Simply Christian by N.T. Wright. In a simple but compelling manner, Wright lays out the case for Christianity in a way that appeals to postmodern thinkers.
Finally, my fourth link is to the latest entry from my guest blogger, Dr. James Arlandson. His latest post is called: “Did Jesus Even Exist? Can you have an effect without a cause?” As always, this is a thorough discussion with plenty of links.
While I’m talking about apologetics links, I suppose it wouldn’t be out of line to mention my own book, Can We Trust the Gospels? In a readable way, this book makes the case for the historical reliabilty of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It would make a fine Christmas present for anyone who is wondering about the Gospels. I would recommend it especially for high school and college students who are forced to grapple with this issue.

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