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Sunday, May 6: Inspiration from Pray the Gospels
Monday, May 7: Suffering and Christian Fellowship
Tuesday, May 8: God is With Us Even When We Suffering Because of Our Sin

Wednesday, May 9: People of Hope in a Hurting World
Thursday, May 10: Living in Hopful Tension
Friday, May 11: The Content of Our Hope
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Herod the Great’s Tomb Discovered? Ben Witherington weighs in on this curious new discovery. “It must be the year for tombs,” he says.
Allelon. I’ve just become aware of a new website for Christian leaders committed to the misional church. Well worth checking out. (All-LAY-lone is the Greek word for “one another” or “each other.”)
Looking for a Nice, Little House in Orange County?
I recently visited some friends who have a wonderful home in Orange County quite near the beach. But you should see what’s across the street! It’s the so-called Portabello Estate (which even has its own website!) The good news? This home is on the market, with its 22,000 square feet of residence, 8 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, garage area for 16 cars, etc. etc. etc. The view isn’t half bad, either.
The bad news? The owner is asking a mere $75,000,000 for the home, making it one of the most expensive homes in America. But, if you’re lucky, you may be able to bid him down, because the market for $75,000,000 homes isn’t terribly hot right now.
Why is the estate called “Portabello”? Rumor has it that the current owner gave it this name because it looked rather like a portobello mushroom.

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