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Sunday, May 20: Inspiration from Pray the Gospels
Monday, May 21: Getting Older . . . What Goes Around Comes Around
Tuesday, May 22: Mission Impossible?
Wednesday, May 23: The Mission of God in the Old Testament

Thursday, May 24: The Mission of Jesus, Part 1
Friday, May 25: The Mission of Jesus, Part 2
Links to Other Sites
Ephesus Guide. Next month I’m going to be visiting Ephesus, the historical site in Turkey. Whether you’re planning on going to this ancient city or not, the Ephesus Guide website is filled with helpful information and photos.
Personal and Ministry Accountability. Influential pastor and writer John Piper and the other pastors at his church fill out a form each week to increase their accountability in a variety of crucial areas. Quite interesting, I think. What do you think? (HT: Smart Christian)  Marcus Goodyear, of The High Calling, has a blog that examines various features of writing and blogging from creative perspectives. If you’re a blogger (or thinking of becoming one), I highly recommend this fascinating site.
No Whining!

Last night was Open House at my daughter’s school. If you’ve been a parent of an elementary school student, you know the drill: posters, artwork, files of assignments, meeting the teacher, etc. etc. As I examined the walls of my daughter’s classroom, my eyes beheld a wonderful sight. It was a large “No Whining” badge. How great! I wish I had a few of these, both to wear and to hand out to others. Yes, sometimes even I need to be reminded not to whine.
But now I’ve got to stop blogging and get back to finishing my sermon for this weekend. I always have to do a sermon. My church maaaakes me. It isn’t fair. Nobody else at church has to do a serrrmon. And they want a good one too. Every week. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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