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It did not take long for the media and politicos to start speculating about what the death of Senator Kennedy will mean to the current debate on health care and other vital issues.   Just hours after his death, a …Read More

Today, our country has lost one of its strongest defenders of the Constitution, Sen. Edward M.Kennedy. He was a longstanding civil rights advocate and will be greatly missed. I issued this statement about Sen. Kennedy this morning via Americans United’s …Read More

I like to think that my outrage is in relative proportion to the outrage that generated it in the first place.  I have never been known to give any politician a “pass” nor to overstate the gravity of a politician’s anti-separation errors. …Read More

Barry, I’m pleased to see that you brought up President Obama’s use of religion during his conference call designed to drum up additional support among religious Americans for his health care plan.  I’m glad that you’re concerned, but disappointed that …Read More

Yesterday at 5 o’clock Eastern time, I joined the President and 130,000 of his closest friends on a conference call about health care.  Earlier in the day, the President had a similar phone call with about 1,000 rabbis, initiated by …Read More

The White House flagging program was both less useful and less sinister than its advocates and opponents, respectively, believed.  One can understand the frustration that the White House has about the astonishing level of lies, misinformation and nonsense being promoted by the …Read More

Barry, it looks like the White House got the message:  its email ‘flagging’ operation appears to have been disabled.   As I reported to you last week, the White House launched in early August what can only be described as …Read More

Jay, I want to get back to the very serious issue of the debate over health care in a few days, but I want to interrupt that flow with a point of personal privilege. You see, I have been attacked …Read More

Barry, there’s a troubling pattern developing as the White House and Congressional leadership embark on a campaign to silence their critics – especially when it comes to concerns about health care.   Example One:  Last week, in an official White …Read More

Jay, As one of the commentators on our blog stated, parent satisfaction does not define whether vouchers have been successful. So while I am sympathetic to parent testimony, it’s hardly a reason for changing my stance. I have cited and …Read More