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It did not take long for the media and politicos to start speculating about what the death of Senator Kennedy will mean to the current debate on health care and other vital issues.


Just hours after his death, a call from some to turn Obama-care into Kennedy-care.  Some are vowing to “win one for Teddy.”


Top Democrats are hoping to rally the troops – to reenergize efforts to pass health care legislation.

There’s growing speculation on what will happen in the Senate – in the quest to replace Sen. Kennedy.  With his death, Senate Democrats no longer will have a 60-vote majority in the 100-member chamber – the vote needed to break any filibuster that may occur.  The Washington Post is reporting that the filibuster-proof majority held by the Democrats “is on hold for the foreseeable future.”


And, there’s plenty of speculation about who will fill that seat.  There are reports that his death will likely set off a fight in Massachusetts with no clear successor apparent. 


And, the Washington Times indicates this vacancy could take some time to fill:  “His seat could be vacant for months, forcing Senate Democratic leaders to woo at least one moderate Republican if they hope to advance key Democratic proposals such as health care reform and limits on greenhouse gas emissions – issues with little support in the minority party.” 


There’s a lot at stake for Americans right now in Congress.  There are many critical issues – including health care reform.  Issues that we will continue to debate right here.


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