Lynn v. Sekulow

In an effort to revamp the nation’s health care system, there’s a troubling development underway in the legislative process  Congress is considering health care legislation that would identify abortion as a health ‘benefit’ and mandate coverage of abortion services in national health care plans. 


That’s right – abortion would be considered a mandatory health benefit provided in all government and private insurance plans under a proposal being considered by Congress.

The truth is that abortion must never become a mandated ‘health benefit’ in our country. 

The President Obama-backed health care package is certain to result in a disturbing change that will make abortion part of the mandatory health care services to be covered by both government and private insurance plans.  That’s why it’s so important for Congress to take the action required to keep abortion out of the category of mandated health benefits.  In our analysis, Congress must act to explicitly exclude abortion from any government mandated coverage or taxpayer funded health plan. 


Barry, this open door must be closed.  This is an issue that needs to get more attention and once the American people understand what’s at stake, we’re confident they will demand that Congress exclude abortion from any mandated health coverage.


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