Jay, any sensible health care reform plan is going to have to cover women’s
reproductive health care more completely and equitably than the current system.

We need to listen to those in the medical field as to what
is the best health care package for every American, women obviously included,
and follow that advice.

As of today, it seems medical experts believe abortion
procedures should be included in a basic health care package. Nearly 90 percent
of insurers currently cover abortion, according to a 2002 survey by the
Guttmacher Institute. What you’re proposing, Jay, seems to suggest that women give up a benefit they are already
under their private insurance policies. Again, this new health care policy is supposed to make health care more
accessible, not less.

Earlier this month, the National Women’s Law Center released
a poll
conducted by the Mellman Group that indicated 71 percent of likely
voters favor including reproductive services such as birth control and abortion
as part of health reform. 
As you can see, most Americans believe reproductive health care is essential to
good, overall health care.

Besides, don’t you want health care to be equal
for all?
Women have the Constitutional right to choose. They should be able to
carry a pregnancy to term or choose to terminate that pregnancy within
the boundaries of safe, quality medical care. In addition, women of all
economic backgrounds must have this right.  That’s why we need medical
coverage that makes this choice available across the board. It’s as
simple as that.

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