Lynn v. Sekulow
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Jay, I’m certainly aware that some of the most “liberal” justices on the Supreme Court agree with your arguments in some cases.  I even agree with your arguments in a few cases.  My question to you earlier, though, was why, …Read More

Barry, the idea that Judge Sotomayor should be welcomed by conservatives because she has cited binding precedent from cases that I argued before the Supreme Court is absurd. The fact that a judge votes in my favor some of the …Read More

Sonia Sotomayor’s judicial record is pretty sparse on many of the issue you and I debate on this blog, Jay.  This did not stop you from announcing on Fox News last Friday that she had an  “very very strict” position on the …Read More

Barry, today’s nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor  to replace Justice David Souter on the Supreme Court of the United States will generate serious debate about the issue of judicial activism on the nation’s highest court. As we learn about Judge …Read More

Jay, just a few days ago I was a participant in an event on “church politicking” at the National Press Club here in Washington.  The event was reported by your friends over at the Christian Broadcasting Network.  The focus of …Read More

Barry, congratulations to your daughter on her graduation.  It is that time of year – my son just graduated from Regent University School of Law.   The New Jersey school sounds perfectly legitimate from a constitutional standpoint. The article states …Read More

I think the first four people who responded to your last post claiming the cross isn’t necessarily religious are completely on the mark, particularly emphasizing that all deceased war veterans are not Christian.  I’d be happy to leave them have …Read More

Barry, you’re missing the point of memorial crosses like those at the Mojave National Preserve,  Mount Davidson, Mount Soledad, and thousands of other places across the country. They are not designed to honor God but rather to memorialize the fallen …Read More

Yes, Jay, there will be a major battle about the Mojave National Preserve cross next term in the Supreme Court. In fact, it is really two battles in one.  The first is whether the plaintiff in this case is even …Read More

Barry, we’re preparing to file an amicus brief in a matter of weeks in a case that I know you are closely watching at the Supreme Court.  The high court agreed in February to take the case of Salazar v. Buono, …Read More