Sonia Sotomayor’s judicial record is pretty sparse on many of the issue you and I debate on this blog, Jay.  This did not stop you from announcing on Fox News last Friday that she had an  “very very strict” position on the Establishment Clause.  What cases are you talking about?

As I read her record she is a moderate (at most) on religious liberty matters.  She was on a Second Circuit appeals panel that granted a New York City church the right to allow homeless persons to sleep on the institution’s outdoor property.  She also ruled, as a district court judge, that a rabbi could erect a temporary, freestanding menorah in a city park because other groups had been allowed to erect similar items in the past.  She relied on two Supreme Court cases argued by a fellow named Sekulow. Admittedly, she did serve on a Second Circuit panel that affirmed a lower court’s decision to uphold the firing of a substitute teacher who invited students to accept Jesus and led them in prayer.  Surely, you don’t agree with the teacher’s conduct.

Frankly, I’d like to know more about how she looks at religious liberty issues. Maybe the hearing will provide some more data for both of us.

On the Liberty University matter, I did file a formal complaint with the IRS regarding the partisan decision by the school to revoke recognition and student funding of the Democratic club on campus.

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