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In this space, we talk about a variety of issues – mostly along ‘church/state’ lines.  Barry, I am concerned about something I see developing in our ‘state’ – in our nation – and I want to see what you think.

What is troubling to me is a new – and what I believe – is a dangerous direction that President Obama is pursuing.  I am not alone in expressing concern about the Administration’s new strategy of internationalism – embracing foreign and economic policies that may very well put U.S. sovereignty at risk.

Through its foreign and economic policies, the Administration is embracing an ideology of global governance – a strategy that may put at risk our national sovereignty – our constitutional framework – all in the interest of international cooperation. 

Here’s one example.  The Administration is reversing a long-standing U.S. policy  refraining from participation in the United Nations Human Rights Council, which includes member nations that are among the most egregious violators of human rights in the world.

And, there’s growing controversy surrounding the Obama Administration’s nomination of Harold Koh, Dean of the Yale Law School, as the top legal counsel in the U.S. Department of State.  Critics say Koh endorses an ‘international-first’ philosophy  that puts the interests of the global community above our own.  And, there’s concern about how Koh views the proper role international law should play in the U.S. saying it is “appropriate for the Supreme Court to construe our Constitution in light of foreign and international law” in a variety of situations. 

Barry, it’s one thing to talk about cooperation, but it’s very dangerous to embrace a philosophy where the United States is put in a position to be subservient to the European Union or the United Nations.  This ‘transnationalist’ approach is something our Founding Fathers never envisioned and never supported when they drafted our unique and defining Constitution.  And, it’s a topic that generated a lot of discussion and debate when I discussed this a few days ago with Glenn Beck on FOX News. 

Here’s the deal.  There’s nothing wrong with cooperation in a global environment.  That is expected and necessary.  But the United States – with its unique form of government – must not be placed in a position where it cedes its independence.  The U.S. is a sovereign world leader and must not surrender its autonomy.

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