Jay, I’m happy to talk about your fears about creeping internationalism and the end of United States sovereignty.  But wait!  You provide no evidence that this administration wants to give up America’s constitutional form of government or even its currency (that fear was so last week anyway).  Neither does it want to mind-meld with the other nations of the world during some giant Kumbaya moment.

Let’s look at the slim evidence you provide.  The Bush administration didn’t want to work with the United Nations Human Rights Council.  Prior administrations had; the current one apparently will.  Can you cite any evidence that our non-participation for the past 8 years improved the human rights landscape?  I don’t think so.

Harold Koh is a extraordinarily well qualified legal scholar with
impeccable credentials in international law.  His critics consistently
misrepresent his views on the relationship between the United States
constitution and international law.  In what “situations” do you think
he wants to subjugate US law to other principles?

There is not
one shred of evidence that Barack Obama wants us to be subservient to
any international body.  The United States is not even a party to the
International Criminal Court thanks to the bizarre ramblings of John
Bolton during his tenure at the United Nations during the Bush years. 
If we did accept involvement with the ICC, it would still not relegate
our constitution to some second-class status, nor deprive any U.S.
defendants (in the unlikely event there would be any) of basic civil

Jay, honestly, the fact that Glenn Beck thinks
something is a problem is hardly a reason for anyone to jump on the
apocalyptic bandwagon.  Beck has built his career on fearmongering
about things that aren’t a problem, while ignoring all evidence around
him of the real challenges America faces.

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