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Jay, I am incredulous about your continued “shock” that pro-choice Presidential candidate Barack Obama is now pro-choice President Barack Obama.

The President made it clear throughout the campaign that he was pro-choice: noting that he would overturn the Mexico City Policy and criticizing overly broad “conscience” clauses.  In addition, he made it clear that he would be happy to sign pro-choice legislation from Congress.  As an Illinois legislator, to my knowledge, he did not vote for any “parental notice” bills and did not vote at all on restrictions on late-term abortions.

I am delighted that he is making good on his promises in this arena.  He is making sure that American women may be the moral decision-makers they should be, deciding under what if any circumstances they will make a choice to end a pregnancy.   See, Jay, ultimately it all boils down to this.  Do women get to choose, or do legislators and bureaucrats get to choose?  My vote, always and in every single instance, is with each and every woman.

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