Lynn v. Sekulow

Barry, I am stunned by your defense of President Obama’s pro-abortion policies.   You say that you’re ‘delighted’ that he’s making good on his promises in this area.  Come on, Barry.  Level with me.  You know this is not about choice – it’s about abortion. 

I get it.  So, under the guise of being ‘pro-choice’ – President Obama will repeal a regulation that protects medical professionals – a measure that prevents doctors and nurses from being forced to violate their consciences – their deeply held religious beliefs – by providing abortions or take medical action that puts the life of the unborn at risk. 

I am sure there will be plenty of comments made during this 30-day period leading up to Obama’s repeal of the conscience clause rule.   Many young people understand the importance of this issue and we’re getting many comments of concern at a new website called the ‘Be Heard Project’ that we’ve launched at the ACLJ. 

And I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of comments like this one from Sen. Tom Coburn, a practicing physician, who told a reporter: “I will do nothing against my conscience in the practice of medicine ever regardless of what any law is at any time.  And I can tell you that there are a lot of physicians that feel exactly that same way across the country.” 

I am hopeful other medical professionals will draw a line in the sand. 

Barry, if you want this to be about ‘choice’ – then let’s give women a real ‘choice.’  Let’s have women view the ultrasound of the unborn child – before making their ‘choice.’  You’re in favor of giving women all the information possible to make this ‘choice’ – right, Barry?  In a survey conducted by Care Net, a network of crisis pregnancy centers in the U.S. and Canada, some 72% of women who were initially ‘strong leaning’ toward abortion decided against having an abortion after viewing the ultrasound. 

That’s a ‘choice’ we can all live with – including the unborn.  Who stands up for them, Barry?

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