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As you pointed out, Jay, earlier this week the Democrats handed Rush Limbaugh a major victory: they made him relevant again.  Of course, President Obama’s comment to the Republicans about not “listening” to Limbaugh was supposed to be ironic, as in, …Read More

With each passing day comes more concern about conservative talk radio.  Now, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched an online petition targeting Rush Limbaugh.  That comes just days after President Obama told Republican lawmakers that “they can’t just listen to …Read More

I knew you would not be happy, Jay, that President Obama did what he had always said he would do–remove the restriction against even discussing abortion by groups which are engaged in international family planning and receive any tax dollars.  …Read More

Barry, it’s clear that this President is working quickly to overturn many of the policies of his predecessor.  But, what is most troubling in the flurry of Executive Orders issued by President Obama in the hours of his new presidency, …Read More

I’m sorry, Jay, but I can’t say “amen” to your characterization of Rick Warren’s participation in the inaugural ceremony.  Although once you pass the threshold of having two Protestant ministers, it is not unexpected that one or both (in this …Read More

After much speculation, Rick Warren, pastor of the Saddleback Church, delivered the invocation at the inaugural ceremony – a prayer that was heartfelt and true to his faith tradition.   Warren offered an inclusive prayer for a nation comprised of …Read More

I’m not as excited as some of you may be about all the inaugural activities.  Maybe it is because of that tad bit of “realistic cynicism” that hits us here in Washington after a while.  Having said that, yesterday’s concert …Read More

Barry, the federal district court in Washington reached the only conclusion it could:  the court decided it could not step in and stop the prayers scheduled for the Presidential inauguration next week and cannot prevent President-elect Obama from ending his …Read More

I realize, Jay, you are eager to draw me into this case because your side is likely to win. My position has been consistent: Michael Newdow and all of the other plaintiffs in this suit are right on principle, but …Read More

You’re not the only one filing a brief before the CaliforniaSupreme Court in the Proposition 8 case this week, Jay. Americans United hasjoined with more than two dozen other civic groups to file our own brief. Notsurprisingly, our argument is …Read More