Lynn v. Sekulow

Barry, it’s clear that this President is working quickly to overturn many of the policies of his predecessor.  But, what is most troubling in the flurry of Executive Orders issued by President Obama in the hours of his new presidency, is the repeal of what’s become known as the “Mexico City Policy.”
This Executive Order ending that policy can only be described as pro-abortion.  President Obama repealed a policy that correctly barred the use of federal funds by non-governmental agencies abroad for abortion counseling and abortions.  He delayed this troublesome action by one day, so it would not coincide with the 36th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion.
Regardless of the timing, his pro-abortion action is a slap in the face to the millions of Americans who believe abortion is the taking of innocent human life.  In our analysis of the importance of the Mexico City Policy, it’s clear that the policy “is absolutely crucial to preventing American taxpayer dollars for the performance and promotion of abortion and abortion-related activities (such as biomedical research and sterilization) in foreign nations.”  The Mexico City Policy does not interfere with family planning or put a halt to the pursuit of reproductive rights for women.  It does, though, ensure that federal funds are not used to promote a practice that many Americans find repugnant and that many foreign nations still oppose.
What’s next for President Obama?  Signing into law the Freedom of Choice Act?  Based on today’s action, you’ve got to believe that President Obama is committed to enacting legislation like the Freedom of Choice Act, a measure that would further strip away protections for the unborn by repealing informed consent and parental notification laws – even repealing the ban on partial-birth abortion, an absolutely horrendous practice.
The fact is that President Obama has showed his hand early and is on his way to becoming a very pro-abortion president.  With the Mexico City Policy repealed, Americans can count on even more of their tax dollars being used to promote abortion.  And, that is a tragedy.

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