Although the Syrian conflict needs to end, I agree with other analysts that the current uninspiring peace talks are probably not the solution.  One side, the “rebels”, is dramatically losing the battle and it seems like they are only negotiating as subterfuge, out of fear of being defeated.

Really, they just want more weapons from foreign countries, and to ask other countries to invade and reinforce them.

The Syrian opposition demands about lifting sieges on rebel positions amount to asking the Syrian government to stop winning the war.  That is something the Syrian government would be very foolish to do. I would advise that such demands be ignored. If the Syrian opposition cared about the people in the towns under siege, it would tell its illegal gangs to surrender to the government and stop looting.

Ultimately, the surrender of illegal armed groups should be the goal of any peace talks. If the peace talks don’t include the unconditional surrender of the terrorist groups in Syria, the only solution will be to defeat these groups by tightening the sieges and maintaining military offensives at all costs.

What is quite interesting about the currently suspended peace talks over Syria is that most of the armed forces fighting on the side of the “opposition” are considered to be global terrorist organisations, including the al-Qaeda group called Jabhat al-Nusra, along with ISIL. Those groups are the real ones tying down the Syrian government and making it unable to restore its authority over the country. And for people to say the “uprising” of these terrorists proves the Syrian government is “illegitimate” is just pro-ISIL propaganda.

To expand on the latter point, it is continually repeated that Sunni Muslims in Syria are denied civil rights and treated badly by the “Shia”, “Alawite” government, but there is no further detail given. The Syrian government has not denied any civil rights to Sunnis, and the terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian government of President Assad are not asking for liberty or civil rights, as some liars claim. The only demand of the Syrian “opposition” has been that they want to impose their will on the rest of the country and exterminate minorities.

To claim that ISIL or other terrorists fighting against Syria are only reacting to the mistreatment of Sunnis is as ridiculous and ignorant as saying the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazis are freedom fighters helping white people overcome oppression by black people. The goal of the Syrian “opposition” is not civil rights or liberation. These are a type of supremacist group that is intolerant and explicitly wants one social group – the Sunnis – to rule the country. That is opposed to the present government, which treats different communities as equal.

It is also interesting that the Syrian “opposition” are so intolerant of each other that they are fighting a separate war among themselves. I would advise that they have a peace conference with each other (the foreign powers supporting them will also need a peace conference, e.g. Turkey and the US, who oppose each other absolutely over the Kurdish issue), rather than pretending that the Syrian government is the problem. The Syrian government is coherent and has had a clear idea about what peace will look like from the beginning. They are the only ones offering a believable and attainable promise of how the war will end, where the opposing side is just offering fantasy or arguing with each other and threatening each other with even more violence.

The Syrian “opposition” and all of its groups therefore represent infighting, intolerance, evil, bias, and extremism that will only cause the conflict to spread and justify attacks all over the world like the one in Paris if such madmen survive the conflict. As tragic as the conflict is, the only humane option is what Bashar al-Assad is already doing. It must be resolved there, with the deaths of those extremists, or millions more people will have to die in additional conflicts before the idiots are finally cornered and annihilated by someone else.

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