The main target in conspiracy theories of the Alex Jones type are “the globalists”, the proponents of so-called globalisation.

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However, I’m here to say I am a globalist and that globalisation is necessary and good. Globalists believe in a global community. We aren’t the ones causing suffering, violence and intrigue in the world but the ones trying to abolish it.

The big, primary example of a globalist organisation is the United Nations. Others include social futurist type movements and organisations such as the Zeitgeist Movement, and communities and groups such as the transnational Zero State and also the small Mont Order society. All want to do good. Their ability to do good is hampered only by their commitment to nonviolence and the overall lack of fanaticism (which is more typical of parochial groups and forces).

Many conspiracy theorists in the wonderful world of the internet think of globalisation as something being orchestrated by fat men and global control freaks in a conference room somewhere, or mad professors conducting human experiments to breed slaves. It isn’t like that at all.

Globalisation, or globalism, is a school of thought celebrating the trajectory towards larger political communities rather than tribal structures making humans a united global community. It includes such people as Albert Einstein, who called nationalism a disease, and we should all be globalists.

Globalisation isn’t about America, or Britain, conquering the world (although their behavior in many ways sped up the process if we look at the effects of the English language and culture being adopted as multinational ones). This is about humanity doing away with wars, national interests, and forming a single global nation on a consensual basis. I don’t see this happening anytime soon, but it should be celebrated as an ideal rather than subject to endless reactionary fearmongering. Globalisation is necessary and good, and so are the globalists who support it.

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