Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme.

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

Antoine Lavoisier

Opponents of the nuclear energy deal between world powers and the Islamic Republic of Iran are obsessed with World War 2 comparisons and, insanely, they believe starting World War 3 might prevent World War 3.

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu claims Iran is trying to conquer the world while his own country continually steals land and kicks people out of their homes. Image via https://syrianfreepress.files.wordpress.com/

The root of America’s problem with Iran isn’t Iran, but Israel. Despite the butchery it committed against civilians in Gaza and in Lebanon, the most bloodthirsty atrocity Israel has committed in its short and violent history is its influence over American domestic politics, which helped to cause the Iraq War base on a lie. A lie that cost thousands of American soldiers and contractors their lives, as well as nearly a hundred thousand Iraqis, to accomplish nothing but irreversible damage to American interests and even more costly grief to thousands of families who find no consolation in the realization that their sons and daughters died for nothing but a parasite state.

Through its accursed and rotten meddling in US domestic politics, Israel boasts of the ability to start a nuclear holocaust of humanity if it feels that its comparatively tiny and worthless little state is under threat from the Islamic world or from the friends of Russia and Iran in the Middle East region.


Despite propaganda to make Hamas and Hezbollah appear like the greatest villains in the world, events taking place in the locale of the conflict between Israel and the barely armed civilians it claims to feel threatened by in Gaza is of no consequence to Israel’s ability to survive or not survive as a state. Even the dispute between the Israelis, a settler population who invaded the heart of the Islamic world without any consent or invitation from the people already living there, and the Islamic world, is likely to be of little consequence to whether Israel will survive. Israel’s real battle for survival is taking place in the United States and Europe, as more and more Americans and Europeans are taking a stand against Israel for the historic crimes against humanity that this regime committed in order to “survive” on land it annexed without excuse or justification.

Within the United States, supporters of Israel have been reduced to a small fringe of lunatics who are no less interested in starting a Third World War to bring about the Rapture, than they are in starting a war with Iran. More supporters of Israel can today be found among the Christian Right and the associated conservative lunatic fringe in the United States than can be found among the American Jewish community. Far from representing the Jewish people as he claims, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu represents the lunatic fringe of world opinion, a group of isolated warmongers who despise humanity and want to unleash a holocaust on the world in their despair at the growing global chorus to liberate Palestine.

The greatest threat to Israel today is not Iran but Netanyahu. Every step he takes to damage Israel’s relations with the United States plunges Israel further away from the ally it relies upon to exist. Without the United States, the world’s most cowardly regime will be left to fight its own wars and sacrifice its own sons and daughters instead of sending Americans.

By Harry J. Bentham

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