Ainsi, presque tout est imitation.

Thus, almost everything is imitation.


This post is dedicated to a new medium that I am once again going to use to share my thoughts.

That’s right. I have published videos to YouTube in the past, under another channel name, during my student years. You might even find one or two of them still out there if you try, but I doubt it. This time, I am returning to that approach, only now via the name of the L’Ordre blog you are reading here at Beliefnet.

Don’t worry. This isn’t going to replace my written work or be used to substitute other posts. However, for today, the time normally assigned for carefully crafting a written post was invested in recording and editing this video. The video was unscripted, and was edited purely for clarity purposes and to make the video shorter and more user-friendly on YouTube.

I am unaware of whether my videos will be as effective in delivering my ideas as my written articles and blog posts, so I will consider this an experiment.

Any feedback on this video contribution would be welcome, and would inform whether I choose to use the medium in future posts. I am aware of how little time many people have to read lengthy articles. I myself tend to only read long essays and editorials on the smartphone when there is nothing else to do. Perhaps these videos will help to modernize and enhance my work on the blogosphere and allow me to reach a different niche of viewers, specifically those without the time to read longer articles or posts. You be the judge.

By Harry J. Bentham

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